Sell More Ancillaries,
More Often.

Ancilyze enables 
health insurers 
to sell optimized ancillary products 
and services directly 
to consumers

How Our Technology Works


We analyze individual member demographics and buying behaviors


We integrate custom ancillary offers into your consumer touchpoints


We optimize direct
to consumer ancillary sales performance

The Anatomy of an Offer

We embed offers in all shapes and sizes, just like this one featuring a current product supplier

Our Supporting Services

Ancillary Connections

Connect People with Products by Pairing Digital Ready Ancillary Products with Core Health Products

Ancillary Marketing

Place Offers into Portals by Incorporating Ancillary Products and Services in Digital Consumer Touchpoints

Ancillary Exchange

Translate Buyers into Members by Facilitating Application, Enrollment, Payment, and Fulfillment Events

Experience Optimization

Turn Visitors into Shoppers Utilizing A/B Testing to Maximize Engagement and Widening Sales Funnels

Purchase Optimization

Convert Shoppers into Buyers by Personalizing Product Offers at the Right Times Using the the Right Media

Lifecycle Optimization

Maximize Value with Members by Perfecting Ancillary Marketing Across All Your Consumer Touchpoints
Our Impact on Income


For every million
health members


Achieving modest
product close rates


Produces millions in
pre-tax net income

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