A/B Testing Optimization Lessons Learned from Online Retailers and Fundraisers

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Its undeniable that A/B testing is becoming widely adopted by online marketers to track consumer engagement and uncover which elements of a web page’s content incite the most action. Split testing allows online marketers to measure the effectiveness of layout, graphics, colors, copy, headings, and many other elements of a web page by running two versions of web content concurrently and measuring which is most effective. The result: statistical proof of the actual effects even the most minor changes have on the performance of online retail engines.

There are many applications of A/B testing in the real world today. Naturally, split testing is already changing how e-commerce web sites are managing their online catalogue and shopping cart experiences. One recent study suggests as many as 44% of online retailers utilize some sort of split testing software or service to optimize there conversion rates. But many other applications are also coming to light in recent years.

For example, the benefits of A/B testing for web sites trying to incite fund raising activities. Case in point: the successful use of split testing by President Obama’s reelection campaign to increase sign-up rates by 40.6%. To learn more, see this article furnished by Event 360: Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies: A/B Testing To Optimize Online Conversions.

Similarly, opportunities are emerging in the post healthcare reform marketplace to reinvent how health and ancillary benefits are being sold. Ancilyze is perfectly positioned as a leader in utilizing A/B testing to uncover retail healthcare consumer behavior patterns and reapply these learnings in real-time on behalf of our healthcare distributor customers.

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– James Drew