User Experience and the Checkout

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The old saying goes, “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk.” The same thought process applies to customers when they are finishing an online purchase. Whether they’re buying plane tickets, renting a car, or booking a hotel – there are more than likely other add-ons available to help improve their entire order. Every moment counts in sales. What better place to close a deal than when a customer is already in the process of making a purchase?

Giving your customers the option to buy ancillary products that complement their purchase is not only a good business practice that will drive sales, but it also provides another layer of customer service. The ease of not having to visit another website or perform a search for another product will show your customers that you are going above and beyond what is expected to provide a convenient and efficient checkout experience.

Many e-commerce customers don’t get past the first stages of purchasing a product, so targeting them at checkout means they are more likely to make a purchase. Two out of every three shoppers abandon their cart before checkout – so it is vital to provide a seamless, efficient and engaging experience. The following steps can be taken to ensure that you are offering a user experience that will help lead customers to checkout:

  • Don’t require a login or username. This wastes the customer’s time and creates a barrier between browsing and buying.
  • Keep the flow of your site clear and easy to navigate. Needlessly complicated experiences will distract and potentially annoy the customer.
  • Include reviews of the products that are offered. Good reviews will assure customers that your products are trustworthy.
  • Encourage the customer to continue adding to the cart while making the checkout process quick and simple.

This enhanced customer experience will increase the likelihood that your buyers will continue shopping as a repeat customer. Connecting with them at the most opportune time is somewhat of an art, and the very best e-commerce checkout sites are known for making user experience and engagement a top priority. Offering another avenue for product purchases at the checkout can only serve to further connect with them. Additionally, providing options that are custom tailored to their tastes will further drive their engagement and their likelihood to purchase other products.

In other words, serve your customers some milk with their cookie – and make the user experience simple, efficient and memorable.

– Beth Godlin